Hello and Welcome to the Rainbow Teddies Web Site Ready, Setty, Teddy!!! The Rainbow Teddies are 6 magical bears who live on cloud 9 at the brightest end of the rainbow.

There are 3 girl bears… Sunny, Pinky and Mandy-Reen, and 3 boy bears… Red, Bluey and Greenie. They love to sing, dance and play dress up. Come join the rainbow teddies on their magical birthday adventure filled with laughter and music.

The fun starts when Red Bears Birthday wish comes true sending the teddies on a digger dancing adventure. In a burst of colour, songs and dress up… see Blue Bear bop along with the Bobcats, Pinky and her Bright Big Band bears. Go Bootscootin with Greenie Bear. Yee Har. Join Reds Roly Poly Conga line, and do the digger Dance with Mandy-Reen. But whatever happens, don't let Sunny Bear sneeze… (Oh no everybody run, take cover) So come along, bring your imagination and have a very Happy Rainbow Birthday.


Rainbow Teddies Favourite Foods

Red Bear BBQ Sausages and Tomato Sauce,
Strawberry Milk

Blue Bear Pancakes, Chocolate Milk

Green Bear Fruit and Vegetables,
Lime Cordial

Pinky Bear Fairy Bread, Pinky's Party Punch

Sunny Bear Marvellous Marble Cake, Banana
Smoothie Milkshakes

Mandy-Reen Oranges, Orange Juice



Blue Bear

Blue Bear is the funny bear. He likes to use lots of different voices and loves playing his saxophone. Blue likes to eat goodies… pancakes are his favourite.


Green Bear

Green Bear is a little bit of a trickster. He is the environmentally friendly bear who likes to do the gardening and makes sure everyone recycles their rubbish. He loves playing chasie and Duck Duck Goose.


Pinky Bear

Pinky Bear loves to sing and dance. She always wears her party dress because every day is party day at the rainbow. Pinky wears a beautiful flower on her dress, one on her hairband and one on her wrist. She dreams of being a graceful ballerina.


Red Bear

Red Bear is very sensible and likes to invent things. Red makes sure all the Teddies play safely. He is a very good singer.


Sunny Bear

Sunny Bear loves to play and skip. She loves to make everyone's day a little bit sunnier and happy. Sunny also has a little problem with sneezes… they are dynamite. She wears a colourful sundress and has flowers on her hairband.



Mandy-Reen is the all round Australian Bear. She's athletic, strong and can out climb any Bear. Mandy loves to play her Fiddle and go Bootscootin… she wears shorts and a crop top so she can do all the things a fit, healthy bear needs to do. Mandy also wears a flowery headband.

Together the Rainbow Teddies go on lots of adventures. They are magical bears and can make wished come true. But first they must all say the magic words together…


"Rainbow rich, Rainbow rare
I'm a magic rainbow bear Hazar Har Har


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